Trump is a fool, North Korea proves it

Nearly every foreign policy expert predicted that after Donald Trump gleefully gave the North Korean dictatorship precisely what they’ve been asking for for twenty years, a face-to-face meeting with an American president that would finally, at long last, demonstrate to their citizens that the isolated kingdom had arrived as a major power on the world stage, North Korea would follow up on the meeting by doing … absolutely nothing. To Donald Trump, the meeting was an ostensible first step towards reaching a nuclear disarmament agreement that would give him bragging rights over his allegedly dimwitted predecessors; to North Korean officials, the purpose of the meeting was fulfilled after the first pictures were snapped of the United States and North Korean flags standing side-by-side-by-side as apparent equals.

Lo and behold, now that the meeting is done and over with the Trump team is finding that their North Korean counterparts are blowing them off.

Diplomats say the North Koreans have canceled follow-up meetings, demanded more money and failed to maintain basic communications, even as the once-isolated regime’s engagements with China and South Korea flourish.

More to the point, the North Korean nuclear program is alive and well, with new construction and new efforts to hide the weapons they have.

According to the Washington Post, not only has Trump been caught off-guard by this entirely predictable and predicted outcome, he’s now “bristling” at the inability of his team to deliver on his previous promises.

Officials say Trump has been captivated by the nuclear talks, asking staffers for daily updates on the status of the negotiations. His frustration with the lack of progress has been coupled with irritation about the media coverage of the joint statement he signed […]

Yes, of course. It’s all somebody else’s fault, and it’s certainly the media’s fault for reporting skeptically on a vacuous “joint statement” with no actionable promises or Trump’s own fault for ignoring the warnings of experts who warned him that a meeting with a United States president is what the North Korean dictatorship is a concession to be contemplated after that dictatorship has made substantive denuclearization progress, not before.

Mark the date: July 22, 2018: US President goes batshit insane

President Donald Trump was up early Sunday morning, attacking the Justice Department over surveillance warrant information that was released late Saturday on former campaign adviser Carter Page, stating government officials “misled the courts.”

“Congratulations to @JudicialWatch and @TomFitton on being successful in getting the Carter Page FISA documents. As usual they are ridiculously heavily redacted but confirm with little doubt that the Department of “Justice” and FBI misled the courts,” he tweeted. “Witch Hunt Rigged, a Scam!”

He then added, “Looking more & more like the Trump Campaign for President was illegally being spied upon (surveillance) for the political gain of Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Ask her how that worked out – she did better with Crazy Bernie. Republicans must get tough now. An illegal Scam!”

These are not the words or the mental process of a sane man.

Today — July 22, 2018 — will go down in history as the day the President of the US went batshit crazy — chasing his tail, biting tires, howling at the moon.

Let us now pause to slap Republicans upside the head with some facts

Let’s pause a minute to remind everyone of a few facts:

  • NATO members will move at their own pace to increase their defense spending.
  • G7 members will slap tariffs on US goods in retaliation, thereby killing US jobs, most of them in states that voted for Trump.
  • NKorea has no intention of keeping any promises they made to Trump . . . and the fact is, they didn’t promise a thing.
  • Mexico IS NOT paying for the wall.  Furthermore, there is not going to be a wall.
  • Trump is a world-class failure.

How the Republican Party became the party of Putin

How did the party of Ronald Reagan’s moral clarity morph into that of Donald Trump’s moral vacuity? Russia’s intelligence operatives are among the world’s best. I believe they made a keen study of the American political scene and realized that, during the Obama years, the conservative movement had become ripe for manipulation.

Long gone was its principled opposition to the “evil empire.”

What was left was an intellectually and morally desiccated carcass populated by con artists, opportunists, entertainers and grifters operating massively profitable book publishers, radio empires, websites, and a TV network whose stock-in-trade are not ideas but resentments.

If a political officer at the Russian Embassy in Washington visited the zoo that is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, they’d see a “movement” that embraces a ludicrous performance artist like Milo Yiannopoulos as some sort of intellectual heavyweight.

When conservative bloggers are willing to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from Malaysia’s authoritarian government to launch a smear campaign against a democratic opposition leader they know nothing about, how much of a jump is it to line up and defend what at the very least was attempted collusion on the part of a brain-dead dauphin like Donald Trump Jr.?

Read the full article:

Trump supporters’ views on Russian have evolved

Trump supporters 6 months ago:“There were no meetings with any Russians.”

Trump supporters 3 months ago: “They just forgot to report the meetings with Russians.”

Trump supporters last week: “There’s no evidence of collusion with Russia!!”

Trump supporters 3 days ago: “Who cares if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?”

Trump supporters yesterday: “It’s Obama’s fault for not stopping the meetings with Russians.”

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow today: “It’s the Secret Service’s fault for not stopping the meeting with Russians.”

Trump supporters tomorrow: “Трамп собирается сделать Россию великой снова!”

You cannot make up this stuff: Southern white supremacists and Russians, hand-in-hand

An Alabama organization designated as a white supremacist hate group by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is launching a Russian-language page calling on Russia and the American South to become allies.

A letter posted to the League of the South’s website first reported by spoke of natural similarities between Russian culture and the conservative southerners.

“As fellow Whites of northern European extraction, we come from the same general gene pool. As inheritors of the European cultural tradition, we share similar values, customs, and ways of life. And as Christians, we worship the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our common faith binds us as brothers and sisters,” the group’s leader Michael Hill wrote.

Hill’s letter continued that the site’s Russian-language page would be the “first step” toward building “[a] firm and resolute understanding and commitment to cooperation between the Russian people and the people of the South [that] could indeed be the foundation for a better world in which our peoples thrive and prosper far into the future.”

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Remember where you were today, July 16, 2018

My mother (1924 – 2007) remembered exactly where she was and what she was doing when FDR died.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when:

  • JFK was assassinated,
  • when the Space Shuttle exploded, and,
  • on 9/11/2001.

Remember where you were today — July 16, 2018 — when Donald Trump stood beside our nation’s number one enemy and denounced the United States.  

Remember where you were today when our nation ended.  Your grandchildren will ask you.

This is how and why Putin controls Trump

This article is long — 8,000 words.  It has multi-syllabic words, complex sentences, and facts — all of which likely will frighten you.  Still YOU NEED TO READ THIS ARTICLE.

The article describes how Putin got his hooks into Trump and how, now, Trump is being controlled by Putin to help Putin achieve his goals of destroying NATO, separating the US from Europe, and advancing Russia’s goals worldwide.

Putin will have Trump for lunch

With his KGB training, Putin will be well prepared for this meeting. Trump and his advisers should anticipate three main approaches.

First, having observed what has and has not worked for other leaders, Putin undoubtedly will offer Trump praise and flattery. Putin is sure to remark how Trump overcame the odds in a presidential election few thought he could win — most likely including, by the way, Putin himself.

Putin will emphasize Trump’s ability to be his own man, unbeholden to the “swamp creatures” of Washington. He will admire Trump’s candor and readiness to defy norms, especially by challenging allies who are “taking advantage” of the United States.

Putin will credit Trump for meeting with him despite the Mueller investigation into potential Trump campaign ties with Russia. Their very meeting, Putin will argue, shows there is nothing untoward between the two leaders. Putin will certainly share Trump’s disdain for the media and compare stories of “fake news” — of which the Mueller investigation and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, the two leaders will surely agree, are perfect examples. So unfair, Putin will declare. And Putin will note admiringly Trump’s ability to stay connected with the constituency that elected him.

Second, Putin will blame all of the problems in U.S.-Russia relations on Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. Not lost on those in Moscow is Trump’s readiness to seek to do the opposite of what Obama did. As Trump himself has said, Obama let Putin take Crimea. Putin will say that it was Obama who imposed sanctions on Russia and accused Moscow of interfering in the election in an attempt to discredit Trump’s legitimacy.

Putin will also argue that it was Obama’s failure in Syria that forced Russia to take action there to secure Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s position against Islamic extremists. We have the same goals in Syria, Putin will state. If you, America, want out, then we, Russia, are willing to step in. Pay no attention, Putin will say, to talk about Russian-Iranian collaboration in Syria.

Obama and the Europeans were behind the revolution in Ukraine, Putin will claim, leading to a coup forcing out that country’s previous president, Viktor Yanukovych. That left Putin little alternative but to intervene to protect Russian citizens in Crimea. After all, Putin will say, they speak Russian in Crimea and really belong to Russia anyway — a point Trump himself reportedly made at the Group of Seven meeting last month.

To seek Trump’s support for a Russian sphere of influence, Putin will argue that Russia has much greater interests in the region than the United States does. Imagine all the problems that could have been avoided had Obama minded his own business and stayed out of Ukraine, Putin will claim. Don’t forget, Putin will add, that reports of alleged payments to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort from the Yanukovych circle — part of the current “witch hunt” against Trump — originated in Ukraine.

Third, Putin will appeal to Trump’s apparent desire to take a wrecking ball to the international order of the past seven decades, including institutions such as NATO, the European Union, the World Trade Organization and the G-7. Putin will claim that he and Trump have had enough of these institutions, which seek to block Russia and exploit U.S. generosity. Let’s start over, Putin will urge, to build the greatest partnership between Russia and the United States ever.

Only Trump, Putin will claim, is bold enough to toss aside these obsolete institutions and build a new foundation in their place. Such a foundation should be laid by the two great powers, Russia and the United States, led by their two great current leaders. Their meeting in Helsinki opens the way for the two of them to make history. Smaller countries, the Russian leader will posit, only get in the way of a brighter future together. Indeed, he and Trump could make Russian-American relations great again!

And, if none of that works, well, Putin has some beachfront property he can offer Trump.

The scariest part about all of this is that it probably will work. Trump’s eagerness to meet with Putin, his call in March congratulating Putin on his “reelection” and his willingness to believe Putin’s denial of interference in the 2016 U.S. election do not bode well.

Trump is in Putin’s pocket.  The US and Europe are screwed.

Good job, kitties, good job !!

A group of rhino poachers were eaten by a pride of lions in Kenton-on-the-Sea, according to the owner of the South African wildlife reserve where the incident happened.

The remains of what appears to be three bodies were discovered on the Simbuya Game Reserve along with high power rifles owner Nick Fox said in a statement. Fox said the poachers’ mangled remains are suspected to have been eaten by a pride of six lions who were on the reservation to protect the endangered and highly targeted rhinos who are hunted for their horns.

Hmmm.  So — the people who own the rhino preserve put a bunch of lions on the preserve to protect the rhinos!!!  Good job, kitties, good job !!!