I know trash when I see it. This is trash.

I know trash when I see it.  This is trash.

I grew up and lived most of my life in rural South Mississippi and rural East Tennessee.  I now live in rural Virginia.

I know good, decent people when I see them.  And I know trash when I see it.

The people in these two photos are trash.  They simply are trash.

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The photo above is Bristol Palin (second from right) and her fellow “stars” on some sort of “reality TV show” about women who got pregnant as single teenagers.



This is Willow Palin, Bristol’s younger sister, Sarah Palin’s third child.  She’s wearing her wedding dress.  The dress looks as though it’s made from a lace tablecloth she bought at WalMart.


Of course, when this is your mother — what should we expect?

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