The Old Redneck is exactly that – an old redneck.

Born in the mid-1940’s in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.  Moved to East Tennessee in the mid-1950’s; reared half-and-half in the piney woods of Mississippi and the hills of East Tennessee.  The Great-great-grandson of a slave owner, the Old Redneck graduated from a small Alabama liberal arts college where he marched with Martin Luther King in Alabama in the 1960’s.

The Old Redneck served 30 years as a U.S. Army Infantry officer, including three tours of duty in Vietnam . . . with the scars, wounds and medals to prove it.

The Old Redneck is an FDR liberal, progressive Democrat and proud of it.

The Old Redneck has no use for Republicans, “conservatives,” Confederates, Tea Partiers, right wingers or biblethumpers.  His family is filled with these half-wits and he knows them well.

For two decades, the Old Redneck stood silent as everything he believes in was mocked, attacked, belittled and lied about by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Tea Partiers, biblethumpers and rightwingers in general.  No more.  I will no longer be silent.  This blog is my response to the bullshit that has spewed from the rightwing lie machine and that now occupies the White House.

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