American Nazis spreading lies about their murder of Heather Heyer

Even ACting President Donald Trump has condemned James Fields, Jr., the Nazi-obsessed attacker who killed Heather Heyer at last month’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

But according to Media Matters, some white nationalists online have begun painting Heyer’s death a heart attack to absolve Fields and portray her murder as a false flag.

On September 5, the fringe right-wing blog Occidental Dissent published a post claiming Heyer’s mother “said in an NBC interview she died of a heart attack,” and went on to blame the supposed “heart attack” on her weight.

“We can’t find any information about Heather Heyer’s injuries or an autopsy,” the blog’s notoriously racist writer Hunter Wallace claimed. “She does seem to be a very large woman though. My guess is that she was at least 250 pounds lying on her back in 90 degree heat. It is reasonable to wonder if her health had something to do with her death.”

“To my knowledge,” he continued, “no one else has died in these incidents when protesters are in the street and get run over. It happens quite frequently.”

 The post was quickly picked up by fake news site Before It’s News, and Wallace’s claims became the subject of multiple alt-right YouTube screeds “debunking” the notion that Heyer had been murdered.

Andrew Auernheimer, who hacker-turned-Daily Stormer writer who infamously threatened CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, wrote that supposed “proof” of Heyer’s heart attack meant Fields should be exonerated.

“Murder charges on Fields gotta be dropped,” Auernheimer wrote on Gab, the alt-right’s favorite social network, “and the public has to get told it’s because Heyer was a f*cking fat cow.”

The theory soon spread to 4chan and Reddit, including the popular r/The_Donald subreddit.

Conspiracy theories ranging from the notion that Heyer was killed by a Hillary Clinton supporter to Scott Baio’s assertion that her murder as a false flag have circulated in the weeks since her death.

These Nazi assholes have no shame, which is why the Old Redneck squashes them underfoot like the cockroaches they are.

Did Trump meet with Russians in Scotland prior to the election??

May I ask some questions regarding Donald Trump’s visit to Turnberry Scotland in June 2016?

1. On June 9, 2016, the Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr and several Russian operatives occurs.

2. On June 23, 2016, Donald Trump unexpectedly interrupts his campaign to visit Trump Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland. People are puzzled as to why a presidential candidate would travel to a golf course in Scotland in the middle of his campaign.

3. Did Donald Trump visit Scotland to meet with Russian operatives to follow up on any offers made during the June 9 meeting?

4. Scotland is a favorite vacation spot for rich Russians.

5. Scotland has witnessed Russian money laundering activities in the last few years involving the Royal Bank of Scotland, Dmitry Klyuev, and Renaissance Capital.

6. If there was a major meeting between Donald Trump and Russian operatives at the Trump Turnberry Golf Resort in June 2016, would folks working at the resort have seen something? I believe Ralph Porciani was the General Manager in June 2016. I believe Vladimir Döme was Director of Rooms at Trump Turnberry in June 2016

We report.  You decide.